DeFi and Memecoins: The Fastest, Riskiest Way to Get Rich in Crypto | CRYPTOLAND Episode 3

In the beginning there was only Bitcoin, but today there exists a dizzying array of crypto projects promising eye-popping returns to …


  1. Isn't safemoon one of the most notorious rug pull shitcoins? Stick with coins related to networks with active foundations, developers, and any sort of realistic use cases that are straightforward, I bought 150 bucks of Terra token when I was "buying the dip" at 1 buck, betting they would get back on track. 150 went to 2 cents worth, but I only bought in so little I'm not kicking myself for it

  2. Wow, The Safemoon investor didn't take a percentage out of profits, when his investment hit $7 million dollars? Wow, he is truly regret that. But at least, he hit $1 million. Safemoon protocol and prospects look extremely gloomy.

  3. stick to 45% Bitcoin & 45% Ethereum hold for ATH then sell into USDC then 10% Alts . . . if Alts pump sell into USDT then buy more BTC & ETH . . . rinse & repeat . .

  4. "safemoom at least has a real CEO and a team creating real value"… Well that didn't age well xD, unless creating value = pulling the rug on a Ponzi

  5. Scam coin dude is mad salty. You can tell he's just a bit mad with every answer. A combo of the reporter and topic Im sure did it. Poor guy 🤣😂

  6. This series is awesome. Please keep doing these. We are on the forefront of crypto technology and investing becoming main stream. If you are here now, you are still early. I hope to look at this comment in five or 10 years and have my life completely changed because of #crypto. I believe in the technology 110% and I know it’s going to change the world. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when..

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