Crypto Market Manipulation! Wyckoff & WHALES!!🐋

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  1. In this perilous time of recession, protecting your capital is much more important than making money. Basically because if you lose your capital, making money is much harder. ''Missing the train'' vs. ''losing your money''. There are a lot of trains, but if your money is gone, it's over. This is for stock holders.

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  3. The very last sentence, before 22:50, explains how market manipulation is reaching an unseen crescendo, even when more people than ever know about technical analysis.

  4. Hey Guy, thanks for the great explanation. Can you update us on where you think we are in the Wyckoff accumulation model right now as of March 24, 2022? IMHO, I think we had a Spring in Phase C and now entering Phase D for blastoff. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

  5. You mentioned the media, which is one reason I steer clear of Options Contracts. Options trading is advertised constantly. Also, anytime media is recommending a stock, it's to get retail to buy right before the planned rug pull.

  6. This is extremely accurate. I’m manipulating low market cap coins by buying or selling them, while I set up trades. I don’t know if this is morally okay but…

  7. The one thing actually wrong in this video, volume is not sell or buy volume. It is the volume occurred in a market by selling and buying at the same time. 🙂

  8. If i understand, institution manipulation amplify the volatility of the cryptos. And on the other hand regulators and media bashes the cryptos market for being too volatile 🤔

  9. That was one of the smartest angle to introduce technical teaching. If you had not give the reason to learn (detect stock manifestations) before teaching i would have probably procrastinate this video

  10. I'm betting on XRP and ADA in the next 3 to 5 years. I believe in HODL and HODL long. It's the crypto long game many of us do. Remember if you bought Bitcoin in 2010 and $5,000 worth of it in 2010, that became $100,000,000 by late 2017 if you held. Crypto long game is for the strong though.

  11. Love the content and the shirts , Guy Chanel remains the best 🤝😀 watching video after another Coin Büro the Crpto type dad and mother

  12. Holy shit!! I’ve been noticing this lately. It’s disgusting. The rich bastards are literally just stealing our money. I know this is how finance works, but when I start noticing this, it makes me feel a type of way

  13. It's a tale told throughout history.. gold and silver has been manipulated for a very long time and that's just one minor example.

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