Crypto Bull Market Exit Strategy 🔥😳 | USE THIS BULL RUN TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE

So, a question for the future when will the crypto bull market end? Good question but here is a place where you can start making …


  1. Thanks for your content! On a total different issue, have you had any experience with crypto accountants in London or U.K.? if so could you recommend some please?

  2. great opinion and i do agree, but what is the exit strategy? i didnt see one in this video, you basically talked about how important it is to exit, but how or when ? maybe its common knowledge but i dont understand

  3. Down to earth 🌍 this guy 👍🏻 just wondering what you think of a guy I follow called roaul pal ?? He seems to have a massive knowledge and he also says there’s going to be a massive crash 💥 what do you think influencer or realist ? Thanks 🙏

  4. Hello From Canada,

    Just wanted to say I somehow stumbled upon your channel & this video totally caught my eye. Its my first year in Crypto, & I can say its been a emotional train wreck. I have had ups, but more downs. I do have a good bag of money weighed into the markets & I was really started to freak out because I wasnt really sure when or how to exit. I've searched many videos & came belly up however upon finding your video was blown away not only how humble you are but the informative & helpful tips ! Thanks again 🙂

  5. Great content mate, i have a question about staking and making passive income when you take gains and make your money work.

    How do you stand on $OHM/$TIME/$KILMA DAO defi, i know there is risk but the APY % i just cant look past it, current $TIME staking sits at 67,000% APY

  6. This is why I respect you, straight to the point leaving out the bs. Giving people advice based off of your previous experiences rather then hopefull speculations like many other youtubers. Thanks for the insight and hopefully I can make the right decisions this run.

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