Bullish Bitcoin & Crypto News & Adoption! #CoffeeNCrypto



  1. investing in Bitcoin is the best investment anyone can do this, because it has made a lot of people millionaire. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life

  2. My favorite channel with amazing content as always thanks for your hard work for the community! I think the ICICB blockchain would be a good video to make and im sure you will like it

  3. Cryptocurrency prices are notoriously volatile and it might be too early to tell whether the latest dip marks the start of a reversal of the 2021 bull market, or if it's just a correction on the way to new all time highs.The one area of concern is that the move lower has seen crypto assets fall out of its multi week ascending channel, turning the technical outlook from positive to neutral. While the long term growth of digital assets still looks strong, the short term correction has increased panic in the markt especially for a beginner, at these levels you are sure price more than likely to bounce out of those and place your buys and sells for huge profits as you ride the price train be it bullish or bearish

  4. If someone asked on a live stream how much I bench press, I would have given the same answer. I would love to see him benching 400 pounds. Totally possible but that's impressive.

  5. You should dive deeper into the Differences between BLOCK CHAIN & DIGITAL PAYMENTS ….. Why is Crypto payments better than a debit or credit card … ( I have many that ask me This , All The Time )

  6. Whilst a lot would buy at 39, don’t underestimate that many more will capitulate and sell to minimise their losses. 2021 brought many weak hands into the game and many are still underwater…….keep faith and be wary of talking down the market. Leave that to JP Morgan 😂

  7. I love this video because he gives real strategies for growth of your holdings during unstable market times or even downward market periods. However his explanation for why crypto is staked is let’s say imperfect. Staking is a replacement and upgrade to traditional mining and less energy intensive. It returns value similar to mining. Without having a server/GPU farm. Proof of stake is the next generation of coin creation and value creation. But before then, I've been trading with astra and it's very profitable. Say hello to Astra for a fix, You can reach Astra on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉Astracryptotal

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