Build a Crypto Price App in React – Beginner React Project

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  1. I would say it's the best tutorial on Youtube for beginners. You've explained each concept so well that I got no doubt at all. The content is so great, I wish it reaches more and more people, so that that get benefitted from your content. Simple and crisp explanation. Learned a lot. Thank you so much Pedro!!

  2. Hello from Singapore! Absolutely love your content. It’s extremely helpful that everything is straight to the point such that I can learn what matters before focusing on the nitty gritty details.

  3. I nvr seen such clear explanation like this .

    Sir pls teach us one project using solidity n react js .

    I will get you 100 more subscribers

  4. Hey Pedro, hope all is well. I've been building a movie browser project using the movie data base api and I was wondering how could I allow users to pin or save a particularly move they like. So far I used locastorage but it only allows one pin at a time since any subsequent pins will override the initially one. At the end of this vid you mentioned we can add features like saving a coin which is what I am essentially trying to do.

    TLDR. How can I make an api call persist or save it as a pin. Anyone can answer to help no just Pedro😀

  5. Hi Pedro,
    Thank you for all the videos you're doing, It's great!

    I was wondering if you've already made series on react/node CRUD with different relationship between tables and multiple request at the same time ? (Hope you find the time to answer to me)
    Can't wait to see your next video !!!
    keep up the good work .

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