BEST MACD Trading Strategy [86% Win Rate]

The MACD indicator. Probably one of the most well known / widely used indicators in the trading world. By itself, not that powerful.


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  2. Never ever trust a random trading strategy on YT. With most strategies they (can) work until they don't. Any indicator on itself will not provide the pot of gold we so desperately seek. It just simply doesn't work like that. Any strategy must be testable and verifiable. So without a trackrecord of trades that can be verified, this is just useless.

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  4. This is a very underrated video about MACD. I would give more thumbs up if I could. The graphic is beautiful and the concept is clear and easy to follow. 👍👍👍👍

  5. I like the idea of really rare, but really high winrate indicators. Things that only happen a couple times a year but almost always produce a positive result

  6. Remember the most important thing:
    If you have strategy, stick to it!
    It's so easy to screw everything up with emotions if trades are not looking to pan out. You don't know what will happen tomorrow. If you're using a proven strategy, set and forget!

  7. I still think MACD is useless as F using it on its own. No matter what the settings are, it lags miserably and basically just shows what happened previously. In addition I don´t understand why people always talk about "12 day moving average" no matter what the context is. It is a 12 PERIOD moving average – meaning if you are watching the 1M-chart you are watching a 12-minute period of time and if you´re watching an hourly chart it covers 12 hours. And finally: I never understood the purpose of having a profit target. You don´t just close your profitable trade because it reached a profit target. You close your profitable trade once you can see on the price action that it becomes very likely that the trend will change. Being a profitable trader is (next to having proper stop/loss-levels that you follow) that you let your runners run as long as possible.

  8. I have been using the MACD for years, and my application is I use it as a forecaster of what is too come. If the trend is down, the MACD will start to cross over to the plus side of the equation a few days, sometimes a week before it actually happens and notifies me a possible change of direction is close at hand. Problem is, it doesn't always come to pass. It will crossover to the plus side, linger and then fall back to the negative side and because of this, I never enter the market just because it switches from one side to the other. You have to use other indicators in conjunction with the MACD. I keep my eye on it always, as it is useful for possible directional change. For the most part, it is reliable and needs to be in your indicator tool box.

  9. Hi, almost all market is deeply below 200 moving average now. For example Tesla 650 USD vs 200 USD. Does it mean you should wait another 50 days untill the lines cross each other? But then the price may be much higher, or not?

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