BEST Indicator For Crypto Trading [Tradingview Best Indicators]

BEST Indicator For Crypto Trading [Tradingview Best Indicators] This is the best indicator for crypto trading using the halftrend …


  1. I recently found your channel and am trying to get consistent profits. I'm fairly new to trading and I can't trade options yet as my funds are still low. I joined your Telegram. I will stick to crypto for now, and maybe forex in near future. I'd like to learn the strategies used to select and configure technical indicators.

  2. Just Started my crypto journey after months of failure. I had no knowledge at all about crypto. And I didn't paper trade….big mistake! But every time I failed, I learned not to do that again, and now, after three days of implementing what I learned from you…my crypto game is strong! Thank you!

  3. Clickbait again. backtested, not even close to 80%. pretty sure u dont use this shit or u dont make money with it if u used it ( but we both know u did not..)

  4. Hello sir am from CAMEROON
    your videos are very educational.
    They've helped me alot.
    Am still a beginner's trader still trying to raise that $50 to a better amount.
    I already subscribed and am liking all your videos and commenting on all of them 😂 your just so a great teacher.
    Thanks again

  5. What are those things at 8:55 that are giving you double-digit % profits in a day? Options? I've read that trading them is very risky. Is that a false belief? Do you have a video about that?

  6. Good video as always, but one piece of constructive criticism…

    You state to close the trade when the RSI is over 90. The long position tool on the chart is far closer to the candle high near the top of the wick than the actual close which would be when the RSI was confirmed to be over 90. It's a bit misleading to suggest it was a 1-2.5 RR as that was only possible by exiting the trade near the high.

    If the rules are fundamental to when you enter (blue signal line, RSI below 10, only enter if price surpasses previous candle high, SL below previous candle low) you can't say to FOMO out and guess the high rather than wait for confirmation at candle close? I appreciate you don't state to wait for candle close rather "…and you're going to get out when it's above 90", but the RSI would have flickered above 90 way before the candle reached the high so again the profit would likely have been considerably less than a potential 1:2.5 RR as shown.

    As I say, not piling in on you, just want to pick up on something that I've not seen in your other vids :o)

    Keep up the good content!

  7. Your parabolic Sar video (5 min interval) was amazing! I have subscribed. I don't normally subscribe. Very well explained. I back-tested your theory on that and I wish I'd seen your video last night. I was future perpetual long buying on BNB coin, under the false assumption that I can read people and the world and trends etc… Lol. Big mistake. So I lost 400 dollars, but with your strategy I'm going to smash the system. Thanks a lot. So brilliantly explained. Now I'm just gonna wait for two green candles with no lower wick lol, then I'll pounce. Oh and thanks for starting from scratch. For ages I was looking for 'Indicators and Strategies' on binance lol. Then I saw your video and thought, what's tradingview?.. insert face palm here.

  8. Hey quick question, you said when it is a buy enter at 10 rsi and get out at 90. I noticed sometimes on a buy it hits 90 rsi and it is still moving up. Should i still get in?

  9. Rsi upper and lower band will be different for each crypto as each one has its own particular swing high and low. Zoom in on a four hour chart and see where the rsi high and lows are for that coin their all different

  10. Thank you for your educative video. Please how can I use this strategy on Binance. If a video on this strategy for Binance application I will appreciate it.

  11. Can this be used on the four hour? I get shaky hands when I see the four hour signaling sell but the 30 min saying buy. I’ll have to watch this for a bit to see how safe it is, hoping for the best.

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