4 Beginner Crypto Investment Strategies I'll Be Following In 2022

In this video, I’ll be going over the learnings I have gathered for myself after a volatile year in the crypto market. I briefly discuss …


  1. You are sweet like a flower. You are someone I say "beauty with a brain". No offense to other ladies but you are way different.

    Edit: The bg music was soul soothing. Keep em videos coming.

  2. Just subscribed to your channel. Thanks for your wise investment advice. I have only been in the crypto space for 14 months and have made some complete howlers as well as some great gains. Simple and clear advice always appreciated. Ty

  3. I just started investing into Cryptos, very exciting!! Hope I don’t loose my short :). Great vDO friend, keep on making Crypto’s videos. 99.9%guarantee to gains more than any coins.

  4. Bax-Xi, I believe your picks are cool and nothing boring about really. It's good to thread on the cautious side even though Bitcoin and Ethereum are highly volatile. Nice one👍

  5. We all make errors in the beginning. Along with Crypto (include privacy coins as well), do not forget Silver as it has been hugely undervalued.
    Look at the Gold v Silver price, then understand, there is more Gold than Silver. Silver is needed in electrical equipment, not just jewellery, so its relative scarcity will only increase its value.

  6. Just a suggestion to help gain insight and understand peoples transactional behaviour, wiki the term "Behavioral economics" I think you will find it interesting if not fascinating.

  7. Just buy your coins every time you have the extra money. Just small amounts that won't effect your everyday needs. Time in the market is always better than trying to time the market. My portfolio has been in red. I only invest in what I can afford to lose temporarily. It will payoff in the next couple years. Thanks for sharing and I like your video

  8. All very good advice. The more simple and boring your investment strategy, the better it is. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll thank yourself in the future!

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