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  1. I’m totally guilty for not taking profits in the last bull run. Got into ada at 15c and vet at 1c and still holding. Wish I’d cashed out at the top but the one good thing is I learned a lot about predicting the tops and taking profits so hopefully I get out at the right time in the next bull run. Also, I didn’t actually lose money. I basically have now what I put in so not the end of the world. Definitely should have blown it all on a Ferrari when I could have afforded it though 😄

  2. Checkout Pyro Pyromatic ! 900k tokens with over 30% Burnt already 🔥 6% of every Buy and Sell is removed from the block ⛓ 🔗 forever. 🔥 Liquidity is 🔐 for 2 Yrs and Contract is renounced 🔥 3weeks old and is at 7-8$ 🔥

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