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  1. What is the purpose of Polaris Finance? The original TOMB was created to help the FTM liquidity issues. NEAR/Aurora shouldn't have that issue and shouldn't need a TOMB fork, right?

  2. Polaris Finance is just like the Tomb fork, same with DarkCrypto, V3S and DarkGang… Same strategy but, if they do not provide any other services or means to sustain that yield, they are just going to inflate. Best fork I've seen is Tomb and DarkCypto

  3. when choosing a validator why shouldn't you go with someone with 0% commission. i personally chose allnodes for multiple blockchains that i stake with

  4. Pretty good L1 solutions. I would like to add CELO to this list. Stablecoin solutions are older than all and have perfect pools of benefits. Moreover, it is a mobile blockchain solution, and you can access it easily. The future of CELO is bright.

  5. Other than APR/APY (which is a huge deal obviously) something else to look at is the token price itself and potential ROI. If D3 protocol's marketcap were to increase to the next highest marketcap of the ones you mentioned (Kusama); it would be a 383,670% increase! I know that is a very simplified comparison (not factoring in increasing supply, burn rates, etc.) but the point still stands that there is extreme potential. A small investment to take advantage of Kusama, Tera, Solana, etc. staking could return some nice profits. A small investment in D3 COULD change your life. A big could but the potential is there.

  6. You can make money from D3 without selling a single token…..A big issue with Defi 2.0 has been sell pressure, rebases are great but eventually you have to sell to realize any of the profit. A really cool thing D3 Protocol is doing is allocating a portion of the buy/sell tax to return to holders in the form of BUSD dividends. The treasury is also heavily invested in Farming as a Service tokens. For those that don't know, FaaS is basically where professional farmers use treasury funds to allocate investments, then return a portion of the profits from those investments to all holders of their tokens. Since D3 is a holder of their tokens, they are eligible for those profit returns. A portion of those returns will be distributed to the holders as well. So you can hold D3, rebase (increase your D3 holdings), and receive BUSD dividends all without selling a single token. My dividends have already paid for my initial, and I haven't sold a single token yet.

  7. I am into d3. Protocol is solid. Dev is working 24/7 and the team is transparent. They offer you 130-160% sustainable APY. Treasury atm is as high as the mc. Can't go wrong with this one tbh

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