The recent market sell-off ‘has not deterred’ crypto investors: Grayscale CEO

Grayscale #crypto #bitcoin #YahooFinance Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein speaks with Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief …


  1. This < is exactly right and pretty good content in my opinion. <Macro factors are demanding further downside, as the impact of inflation and geopolitical strife is clearly felt on equities markets. Until BTC reclaims the key moving averages these are considered distribution rallies used to sell the rip or add to short positions…If we lose this level as support, I think it could be nosediving as we're going to trigger liquidity below the lows and then we might be testing some lower levels in which ultimately, if the markets are really ready to nuke, I'm looking at $30k as the ultimate bottom for the markets. <There’s a pre-pandemic world and a post-pandemic world, and a post-pandemic world has a lot more government deficits, these boring times in the markets are what will make the clever investors rich on the next big crypto rally. Investing in cryptocurrency is investing in the future despite the volatility that has ruled the market this year, being a retail trad-der in the crypto market implementing strategies and signals from Dylan Gregory a professional broker/trader that has been my mentor, I have accumulated 8' btc! in profits. Every financial goal requires patience, dedication and consistent spirit knowing that investment is currently the most lucrative business in the world, both NFT, real estate and Crypto shares are really positively changing people's lives.. you can reach His Te-le-gram (@Gregg_007 ).

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  4. < I will always smash the like button on your content! We are in uncharted territory as far as market structure is concerned and very challenging times with the macro environment in particular inflation and the war. Despite this, BTC even still under bearish waves is holding up well. More emphasis should be put into day trading though and thanks to Eriksen Bower skills and signals for helping me earn 8 Btc through his services..

  5. <Always good to hear your thoughtful and logical analysis. Do yourself and family a favor and stop stressing the day to day headlines so much and instead become a long term investor. Your returns will be better as well, and if you’re unable to stop being a workaholic, trade a small percentage of your portfolio rather than going in and out every couple weeks trying to time the market 👌 trading went smooth for me implementing Bobby Lucas's daily trading signals and tips.

  6. Despite the collapse in crypto, I strongly believe that Crypto is the future, lots of people will kick their legs finding out they would have joined the crypto space now it's still affordable. It provides a lot of opportunities. A huge pump is coming, I'm presently taking advantage of its dip

  7. Most people think.investing in Crypto is all about buying coin and leaving it to rise.come, on it takes the wises to be successful while trading with a company's guild

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