The best crypto strategies to earn a passive income in 2022 | The Market Report

Tune in to The Market Report at 12:00 pm ET on Tuesday, April 5, to watch our resident experts decide what is the best strategy for …


  1. 0:00 Intro

    5:05 Weekly roundup video

    7:27 Marcel's expert take: Bitcoin/Ethereum Trading Insights, why are pro-traders not going extra long on BTC right now? is crypto still correlated with the stock market? Will a lot of retail investors go into the altcoin market instead of BTC because of the price tag?

    22:42 Benton's passive income strategy.

    34:42 Jordan's passive income strategy.

    49:39 Markets pro: altcoins to watch this week, SCRT and FXS

    52:45 Closing thoughts

    55:54 Markets pro giveaway

    56:50 Passive income discussion/insights

    59:00 Poll results

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