SEC Hearing: What This Means For Crypto! The Good & BAD!!

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  2. Guy! Tremendous recap. Just referenced your video in a communication to a couple of lawyers I'm working with. PODCAST INVITE: "The DNA of Bitcoin". Wouldn't be complete without you. We've had Saifedean Ammous, Robert Breedlove and Mark Cuban on as recent guests (to name a few). The podcasts will be launched to coincide with the launch of the hardcover and audio book as 'featured bonuses'. 90min of your time will provide the long tail effect for CoinBureau. You deserve to be one of our featured guests! I sure hope I hear from you.

  3. The world is doomed if the world bankers are allowed to dictate government policies throughout the world. Expect wide range suffering on a massive scale in the future. If the world were smart, those people would all be in Gitmo, or if needed a reeducation camp of massive size…Serfdom is in store for humanity in the future, they are taking us back hundreds of years.

  4. Maxine Waters is the least qualified politician to comment on anything financial. She has consistenty had several ethical violations throughout her career

  5. Honestly Crypto should be regulated like casinos or online betting. Crypto will never replace currencies, it's just a speculative platform, nothing more.

  6. Gensler was also head of cftc during the gold/silver manipulation case and while facing a ton of evidence, determined that those markets are not manipulated.
    He a tool. Not that anyone didnt know that already.

    I say it everytime, no regulation is good. KYC already gives up privacy. No one cares. Now theyll pick and choose winners. No one cares, so long as thier bags are picked.
    Crypto is full of sellouts. All caliming they want privacy, freedom from fiat control and decentralization. All while cheering on regulations (centralization) because they want VCs and institutions (who manipulate them) to buy their bags for FIAT – and pay taxes on their gains.

    We dont need govt, govt needs us. If we just stop trading for fiat and use crypto as it was meant, peer to peer for real goods and services, govts and institutions will have to comply with OUR rules

  7. M. Waters the lowest IQ in politics, they are all a mafia, as they collapse world stability then loan them cash because they care
    β€œIt’s afraid – but first it laughed”

  8. Regardless of whether XRP wins the current court case the SEC mayt have to retarct its statement that ETH and BTC are not securities… if that happena be prepared for things to go crazy.

  9. Guy….remember when the City if London in the 1950's see the "The Spiders Web" when they created the off shore business I honest think if people like you lobbied to the UK clueless government along with the City of London I think you could persuade them to go down the same route of creating the "Blockchain Market" but I would sell it under the "Blockchain" because its actually how crypto works and its all inclusive where crypto is a "dirty" word so to speak…You best friend is the President of Ukraine Zelenskyy and they have a strong law in this market, plus they really understand it ant a governmental level

  10. The banks and government will always go against crypto because they won't be able to control the money. I am thankful for the forward-thinking politicians. Indeed, a new day is coming. πŸ”₯

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