Radical Bowling // CRYPTO // ThroBot Ball Review // URD 08-05-2022

The Crypto’s ball motion will make it a staple in the Radical lineup. The Crypto reads the mid-lane and is still very continuous.


  1. I don’t like that they call Keanu Revs a 2 hander but still use a One Hand drilling when throwing the ball.
    This could be detrimental to a two hander with less knowledge about bowling balls. If they took this ball to their local pro shop and just asked for that layout without the thumb hole, even if it was done properly based off of their PAP, it may not behave as shown in the video. The thumb hole has a greater effect on the RG and differentials than the finger holes. Especially with symmetrical cores where undrilled they have virtually no intermediate diff. On traditional layouts the thumb hole creates the majority of the intermediate diff.

    Without enough intermediate diff. the ball is going to be erratic, because it doesn’t have enough differential to get the ball to flip and face up to the pins.

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