Price Action Trading For Beginners (Ultimate Crypto Trading Course Ep.4)



  1. Came from Alex Becker. Very solid content. I appreciate you so much for putting out content like this for free. I wish you the best brother!

  2. Rewatching the videos and realizing how lucky we are to be here in this critical era of history. Thank you so much Koroush for providing this priceless information. Growing slowly but consistently for the next months and beyond.

  3. I don’t understand why the views are not close to millions… probably it’s just a matter of time until you skyrocket, thank you. Keep it up

  4. The only thing you've done is convince possibly incompetent people to put money into the market and use your simplistic course as a guideline. To be fair this is all the information you need to be on your own path, but the way in which you explain makes people believe it is a piece of cake

  5. This course is WONDERFUL brother, you are a genius, I am VERY grateful for your humility and dedication, I am already waiting for chapter 5! πŸ™‚ a big hug from an argentinian from Berlin!

  6. Your explanations are very easy to understand , Btw is there gonna be any video about how to compile fundamental and technical data and place trades on behalf of those?

  7. I feel like I am in the class room with my professor Koroush AK. Enjoy it, better than my PHD double Master Degre Proff I knew when I was in Uni.

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