How to Buy Crypto On Webull

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  1. When buying on the limit setting how come it doesn't buy immediately when the price of stock goes on or below the price ya set? Does it have to do with the fee? Does it have to go further below your price to allow ya to buy it?

  2. I believe most of us are here with the same concern. I'm currently waiting for a representative to help me figure it out, I'll update this later. For now I'll break down where our problem lies and why we have it, encase this helps you sooner. . .
    You'll notice that 'Crypto Buying Power' is separate from 'Buying Power' or 'Options Buying Power'. And your Crypto account is actually run by a third-party company. So, after making a Webull deposit it will be put into your 'Buying Power' for the US market and not accessible from the Crypto market. Either there is no secondary option for depositing funds or we don't know where to find it.
    So here we are. Lol

  3. Really confused. I have over 2k in settled funds but 0 in crypto. I've been signed up because I already have some in eth and BC. But there was an update this week and since than no option to put money in bitcoin

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