How To Buy Crypto In 2022 (Easy Beginner Guide)

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  1. Hey everyone, there are two types of scammers in the comment section I want you to watch out for:

    1) People impersonating me and trying to get you to message them on whatsapp. I will never try to get you to message me or email me in the comments section, they are fake accounts and as soon as I delete them, a new one pops up immediately.

    2) Fake conversation threads in the comments section that end in someone leaving information to message or email an “expert investor” in order to get investment advice or send them your money to manage. These are also scams and they also immediately create new accounts the moment I delete them. This is a more elaborate scam, but easy to see once you know how to recognize them.

    Until youtube gets this fixed, it’s going to remain a huge problem. My best advice to always avoid these scams is to simply never message/email/call someone from the comment section of a video.

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  3. I think these videos you've been doing are really good! I'm just curious though. Why continue making them when they don't gain as much traction as some of your others?

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