Greatest Cardano Announcement of 2021 (Breaking Down HUGE Partnership) | BitBoy Crypto

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  1. Not sure about Wendy's theory, I mean she is technically right, but in reality you barely see your doctor or nurse due to financial cuts, there is very little human interaction. If a robot could do some simple tasks of a nurse and make the life easier for the patients that would be a great thing.

  2. Wendy O is spot on. No way I'd want a robot next to me, I'll look after human interaction. Maybe when synthetic life will be indistinguishable from real life, than yes, but until then, no way to robots.

  3. This was one of the more subpar episodes you guys have done. Alot of under-informed opinions, especially about the Cardano stuff. The partnership with Dish and Boost Mobile will allow Digital Identity for their customers, and would allow personalized rewards for their customers. A ton of other announcements not even mentioned (coming dApp store, Africa development, stablecoin, partnership with Rival for NFT's, NFT games, just to name a few).why bring a panel of people together to talk about something they didn't even watch? Also, Wendy's comments on AI assisted Healthcare are certifiably false (and almost comical).

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