EzAlgo + Nadaraya Watson Strategy Breakdown | Crypto Scalping Strategy (1 min – 3 min – 5 min)

In this video I bring back Regulator to clarify the EzAlgo / Nadaraya Watson (Lux) scalping strategy. We go over exactly what …


  1. I'm not sure i get the strategy, isnt he just placing an order at a support level so why would you need the Nadaraya Watson indicator to show you anything, also waiting for the envelope to flatten before placing a limit order could be too late, the price may not drop again after it dropped to the lowest point before it started to flatten

  2. Nadaraya Watson is a game changer. I'm working on a mt4 ea using it plus a vidya crossover confirmation. Even a 1 year basic 1 hr chart back test on gold, us100, btc are all 300+% roi trading 1lot. So what you say? Try doing it with only a max 4.3% drawdown. GAME CHANGER, like I said

  3. Hi I wrote to you a few days ago and also contacted the support could you please help as on trading view i still have the old version with the two time R/Support areas. AGC1 is my Trading view name. Let me know thanks

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