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  1. This video actually gave me the chills. I 💯 believe Cardano is trying to change the world for the better. ETH maybe for the bankers but Cardano is for the every man

  2. This channel changed my life. Now, I hope that I will still make in crypto space. Thanks to Cheeky crypto for your great educational content you are sharing here.

  3. Buying anything but Ethereum at this point is like sifting through the garbage can for a meal. And in his little speak Christopher was saying that ethereum is not the only proof of stake lol 😆 bro, AT SCALE is what matters… even Solana, which was naively hyped, is down all the time. How many times, like 6 in the past year 🤣🤣

  4. Christopher Hutchinson or whatever his name is did a great job speaking to congress about the crypto industry. I watched the briefing, and he's well spoken. But my concern is that he dresses like shit, he's always online talking and talking, there are reports that he was obsessed about Steve Jobs when he was younger, pretended to be the creator of bitcoin at one point…. he just seems like a dude that NEEDS attention and praise. But like, get to the gym! Get your hair cut! Stop representing the brand so poorly 90% of the time. I just can't take him seriously because I can't relate to someone like this. So for that reason I'm all in on ethereum, and I think cardano is gonna be the red head step child for life. The buck stops with the ceo or the creator. On the other hand Vitalik Buterin is a fucking G 🔥 👌

  5. Complete BS, this "discussion" occurred during the Shelley stage and only the uneducated listened whilst the smart ones kept buying! All, especially the new ones must listen to Charles AMA and videos not you-tubers unsubstantiated views.

  6. You comment on the choice of words by the developer, how articles pick it up and misuse it… while your video title and image are just as much clickbait. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Does anyone know how to purchase SDAO or FRA in the united states legally? All of the exchanges that offer them are banned in the US and the swap platforms dont recognize these coins

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