Dan Tapiero: Three Key Crypto Investment Categories (w/Dan Tapiero and Raoul Pal)

Dan Tapiero, founder and managing partner of 10T Holdings, joins Raoul Pal, CEO and co-founder of Real Vision, to discuss …


  1. Ethe;reum Classic traded within the positive territory , but its gains were nowhere close to those seen a few days ago. Over the last 24 hours, B'C'H was up by 3%, but weekly gains stood strong at 160%. This also suggested a correctional period for E'T'C before it resumed its upwards trajectory. If $111 support is maintained, another hike can be anticipated in the coming days. If that level is breached by the sellers, pullbacks around $90, $70.5 were also possible. An extreme sell-off could go as low as $45.5 and below the 20-SMA. The width of Bollinger Bands indicated high volatility in the m@rket and backed a pullback after it tr@ded on the upper band. The RSI made its second peak in the overbought zone and headed downwards. There is no better time to stack up on your crypt0 @ssets, there are two approaches to incre@sing your @sset as an !nvestor first is by buying little bits of crypt0 subsequently and the second which is a preferred and better option is tradlng because it is less cap!tal intensive and more prof!table. I tr@de daily with tr:ade s!gnals from Bryant miller and I have !ncreased my e@rnings from 4 B'T'C to 8 B'T'C. I can boast of the effectiveness of Mr. Bryant's tr:ade s!gnals and he also have some free courses on google for any tr:ader trying to set up for proper prof!t@b!lity and he can be reached on 𝔀ℌ𝒶𝓉𝔰🅰️🅿️🅿️☞ +1(253)231-7125* or 🄶🄼🄰🄸🄻 (bryantmillertrade@gmailcom) for further tradlng advice on being prof!table…

  2. It's such a pity most folks spend more and invest less while intelligent people always try to harness any investment opportunity not minding the risks involved.

  3. BLOK is a great ETF. I hold a large amount in my 401k since you can't purchase cryptos directly. Its pretty well-diversified too. The companies in the ETF are all over the map with how they deal with blockchain technologies.

  4. I’m pretty deep in crypto but I still don’t think there is any real value in the crypto space(except Bitcoin as store of value). It’s entirely sophisticated infastrucrure for speculation. It has tremendous potential but is it really worth the value rn?

  5. 4:44 "three categories: digital Asset ecosystem gateways, Next Generation financial Services, and Blockchain infrastructure companies. 10T is simple, we are building a portfolio of 12 companies, 4 in each space. criteria: mid to late stage, larger than 400m in valuation, 30-50m USD in revenues or larger, have established Moats, they have leadership teams, they have figured out how to win. Other funds in this space, are VC and focus on early stage, and I can not compete against Andreessen or Polychain or Paradigm or ParaFi, any of such guys in the space today. this is a simple way for me to express a bet on the space"

  6. About two weeks ago I decided to do exactly what this chap mentioned. I’m concentrating on hundred million dollar companies, becoming more laser focussed, and really reducing my portfolio. I’m comfortable with missing 50x, more concerned with long term wealth.

  7. Why is Dan shilling "crypto" and shitcoins all during this interview when his fund invests in exchanges & lending companies like Blockfi, Kraken & Bitstamp. Super brutal to see Dan turn into a shitcoiner.

  8. Yesterday morning, support at $1,750 stopped the decline and reversed the Ethërëum (ETH) price to recovery. Before lunchtime, buyers managed to overcome the resistance of $1,800, and at the end of the day, they restored the pair to the zone of the recent maximum. Last night, the Ethërëum (ETH) pr!ce set a new absolute maximum at $1.918, and in the morning, it pulled back began, which could return the pair to the average pr!ce area ($1,800). If the two-hour EMA55 stops the decline, then before the end of this week, the ETH/USD pair will have time to test the psychological level of $2,000. while others still continue to tradë without the fear of making lose, others are being patient. it all depends on the páttern with which you tráde and also the source of your s!gnals. i would say trading has been going smoothly for me after accumulating over 8.7BTC in just two weeks, with the trad!ing strátegy given to me by Mr Rostislav Eduardo. His methods are top notch and profitáble. Give it a try guys. Rostislav has a Téłégrám channel (@Rostislavtrade) OR Gmâil (Rostislavtradeofficial@gmailcom) for more insights

  9. This is funny, the guy has mentioned BlockFi at least five or six times. And when it comes to explain how the yield is generated you mention Alex Mashinsky who explains this much better and you haven't mentioned Celsius Network one single time. He is totally biased because probably has a position in BlockFi 🤪

  10. This video says it all , Even the best trades and the most profitable trading strategies won't be effective if you don't have strict money management rules in place to protect your winning trades, cut your losses and grow your account that is while I highly recommend Mr Romero pieto who indeed trades on my behalf making me earn more profits every week.

  11. Noud's already predicted a huge blowup of EV stocks and Bitcoin this month and has already got me invested deeply in them, nothing beats having a balanced portfolio with proven companies and an outlook of the future. TSLA all the way


  12. Discarding to upcoming impact of polkadot (DOT) could be the heavy opportunity miss. Also perhaps he should give more credit to Galaxy Digital (GLXY) as a macro overlay bet on entire space

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