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  1. crypto currency ke bare me detailed information kaha se mil sakti hai jaise kaun si sahi hai ya fake hai, aur trustable local exchanges kaun se hai, hum btrl exchange par trade kar rahe hai kya ye sahi hai?

  2. To be successful,, you need to make plans and work towards them. Investing is still the smartest way to prepare for the unexpected. I have been investing consistently for 6 years and I am extremely pleased with the returns. For anyone who wants to start; The good news is – it's never late to start..

  3. <<I’m new to cryptocurrency and I don’t understand how it really works.Can someone guide me on the right approach to investing and making profit from cryptocurrency investment?

  4. If I gain from the crypto investment then 30% tax is applicable. If I make loss from the trade then how much tax is applicable to it or not tax applicable?

  5. Crypto investing has brought me great success!!! Irrespective of the economic depression I can boast of over $12,000 dollars every week on my investment. All thanks to Georgina Brooks…Thank you for your focus on quality stocks.

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