Bitcoin Gospel: How Crypto is Changing the World | Bitcoin for Beginners | ENDEVR Documentary

Bitcoin Gospel: How Crypto is Changing the World | Cryptocurrency | Bitcoin for Beginners | Business Documentary from 2015 …


  1. cryptos are useless they don't poduce any goods or services or anything they only serve to exchange between cryptos owners and laundering money . There is now too much money involve into cryptos. Money that otherwise would be invested in developing products like phamaceutical or engeneering in all aspects that are usefull for all.

  2. bitcoin is no different from cash in terms of the value it brings. it is based on perceived value, and nothing more than digital cash. The only difference, more cannot be created.

  3. 37:00 that means in future richest bitcoin cryptocurrency miners will buy nuclear atomic electricity power plant to setup their bitcoin 🏭 factory. to keep alive 1 bitcoin how much atomic electricity is used. bitcoin in future cryptocurrency mining on quantum computers 🖥

  4. Unpopular opinion: All cryptos are already indirectly centralised.

    Take KYC as an example. The amount of cryptos I send will be on the blockchain. But now, I'm also discoverable by the government since popular services like Bitpay demand KYC.

  5. Bitcoin is no better than the money we have now, you will still have the haves and have nots.You will still have the upper 1% has all the bitcoin and no one else has anything

  6. It’s very interesting.
    I own several companies involved with bitcoin trading and mining. I am worried though, that several more larger governments such as the US could make it illegal

  7. I absolutely hate when white Americans compare their grievances with the government to slavery, the Salem Witch Trials, or the Holocaust. You can make your point without doing that

  8. Bitcoin is big bitcoin is needed for every citizen in the world. Govt taking money them self by charges commissions and transfer charges etc. But bitcoin no need charges. india like countries charging more charges on our money as well as account limits etc more rules. Thanks to bitcoin.

  9. damn what a flashback, makes me reflect on figuring how to mine back in late 2010 and finally getting it going in 2011. I miss Roger. I gotta go look him up again.

  10. I think it’s time to do story’s on wastewater mix trash run away rains or Nu rains it’s a big problems worldwide the canals rivers lakes oceans full trash with waste water our food fish shells animals beef polluted water around our cities and provinces food on the table affects all nations it’s a waste of time now and forever 07 is new born babies waiting for wastewater food on the table soon??07

  11. 8:50 that dude has no idea it would be $50k……'s weird how Bitcoin evolved from fun experimental currency used to buy pizzas to buy mansions now in 2021…….

  12. I would support cryptocurrency as i am investing in XRP, i will not support CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency which will still control the world's monetary system. Go Cryptocurrency!!!

  13. I don't get it he said Bitcoin is $270 for a Bitcoin you Google how much is a Bitcoin like $50,000 comes up really I don't get it

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