BIGGEST Crypto Event in HISTORY COMING!!! (Why ETH Merge Changes EVERYTHING for Bitcoin)

Check out “Catching Up to Crypto” here: In this video I discuss the Ethereum Merge as not just the biggest …


  1. Vitalik looks like a lucky charms elf.. also the price will go up most likely but then it will go down as soon as people see nothing changed!! Gas prices will still be higher than any other chain!! I would suggest people sell when it’s hyped cuz the hype will only last for a ver short time when nothing changes!!

  2. I'm actually impressed that you kept talking while you're out of breath in this video. Must be super hyped to tell your thoughts on the merge.

  3. The merge moving to proof of stake is really just helping the rich get richer. Why do you think they are moving to proof of stake. Go research who it's helping the most.. its helping vitalik!

  4. Everyone is switching to dogecoin. Whales are dropping bitcoin for dogecoin. Dogecoin popularity is much higher. Dogecoin is the way to go. People realize is dogecoin

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