What is a Crypto Bridge? (Examples + Purpose for Blockchains)

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering what a blockchain bridge is. In this video, we explain how a crypto bridge is used to …


  1. TRhank you for the amazing video!! I love the drawings and the precise explanation. something it might be useful is to show us how to actually do it in these platforms and give us examples of what to do if something happens. Again, thanks a lot! keep up the great work! 🙏😃

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  5. Why not just create a token on say the Top 20 blockchains. Call it XYZ. Create a pools, farming etc. on XYZ token no matter the blockchain. When you want to trade or move XYZ coin you choose which blockchain you want and off you go. XYZ acts as the market maker. You could do this with smart contracts like Pancake Swap and millions of customers would constantly be exchanging XYZ to move around different blockchains.

  6. excellent video (as always), is there a FULL LIST of the SAFEST BRIDGES ? (for each blockchain) do u have one? or can someone advise me?

  7. Good day As a learning experience, I moved small amounts of UST, BNB, ETH to MetaMask . UST came in on Polygon, BNB and ETH on the Binance smart chain. So, even if MetaMask is an Etherium network, I have nothing in the MetaMask Etherium network, my ETH is in the MetaMask Binance network. Can a bridge be used inside a wallet to move coins from one network to another?

  8. EvoDefi is the best crypto bridge among all providers in my opinion. Been using it for 8 months now and honestly I checked out the others but Evo was the fastest and cheapest service. 10/10 would recommend

  9. I used a bridge for Matic to FTM. According to Polygonscan, it was successful. However, my coins never appeared in my Metamask wallet. I do have both the Ether Network and Fantom Opera Network on Metamask with a little FTM on both sides. Love to have help with this one as it cost me plenty.

  10. Thanks for this vivid explanation. I've been researching about cross chain platforms but majority of them are pricey. Luckily, I learned about Metria Network, a blockchain protocol, where users can transfer assets from one blockchain to another in a seamless manner. I found out that this platform aims to address the issue of blockchain fragmentation, scalability,
    and high transaction fees, without compromising on the security or decentralization so I guess it's best for people to check out this platform especially when they're having trouble with high transaction fees.

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