Ultimate Showdown || Carlsen vs Praggnanandhaa || FTX Crypto Cup (2022)

Watch entire Bobby Fischer saga here!


  1. If after R-c5 and trading of rooks, then white plays K-f5 black plays K-f7 and now if black Knight goes after pawn on a3, white has 2 passed pawns and can drive them forward. I take your word that black will win, but to me, it looks risky for black.

  2. Missing rook to c5 is pretty terrible. I saw it instantly, trade down, classic strategy.. and I'm like a 1200 player at best. The board was so simplified at that point it was the only move that made any sense. Kinda shocked.

  3. At least 3 player said they had bad sleep why they lost a game against PRAGG

    Its time to acknowledge and have a gut to say PRAGG played better?

    courage of admission the facts= humanity
    Otherwise ur CHAKRA of HEART and BRAIN remain underdeveloped

    PRAGG praises always others and reflects his mistakes despite WIN or LOST
    OP to PRAGG
    India always remain mein IDOL of WORLD LEADER in any field.

  4. Are Nihal, Gukesh, Arjun and Raunak never playing?
    It seems like this Channel is solely promoting Praggnanandhaa and ignoring the other youngsters who actually did better in the Olympics.
    Shame on you Agadmator.

  5. I recently came to know about this channel through a friend. This has become my go-to channel for watching reviews of recent international games

  6. Lol @ hans 0 score. Chess speaks for itself indeed! Lmao.

    Prag always seems to get nice or even winning positions, but he is always low on time and fails to convert them, and sometimes he even ends up losing after he blunders due to pushing too hard and trying to keep or convert his advantage when he simply doesn't have enough time.

    I feel like he will improve a lot in the coming years in terms of time management, that is probably his weakest aspect currently. He needs to get winning positions but he also needs sufficient time to convert them. Otherwise he can even lose in time or blunder due to being in time pressure, even if he has an advantage, since some positions are very sharp and easy to blunder even if you have the advantage.

  7. I watched the game LIVE online. There were some tense moments in the game. Also there was the time pressure. I feel prag had a chance to win this game against the world champion as black. It was either a draw or a win for prag. He is getting better with every game. He was not happy in the end with a draw.

  8. 6:18 why did Magnus not go for knight A6?I know there is Qb7 but after the king moves the knight is still safe as the rook on d6 defends it. Am I missing something? Even if Magnus loses the rook on d6, he can just retaliate with knight take rook on b8.

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