TOP 5 BEST Crypto Tax Tools For 2022!! 💯

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  1. Let's face it guys, taxes are a part of life in most countries. Therefore, I hope that some of these tools can help to ease your burden this tax season! Don't forget that you can follow me on my socials for all the content that you are missing here 👉 . You may also be interested in my clips channel that has all the behind the scenes bits and shorter form content

  2. I believe that government taxation on cryptocurrencies is a fantastic idea, but I doubt that it can be readily executed. Apart from that, we as crypto investors should concentrate on high-level securities projects such as Humanode, which provides biometrics and outstanding security features to investors worldwide.💯

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  9. Thank you so much. I wish I'd found this video in January 22. It was such a nightmare finding the right software. After dozens of hours looking for the right one. I found Koinly, and only then I ran across this video. I love Koinly!

  10. does this only work with exchanges? i have tons of transactions of all types on the wax blockchain but they don't all go through exchanges, actually, very few do. a lot of nft transactions. thanks

  11. One of the biggest downsides of Koinly is how they count transactions when it comes to the different pricing tiers. If you happen to be staking or lending your coins and you are receiving rewards often (often it's once or twice a week but in some cases can be daily or even more often) all those small chunks add up and it won't take too much before you need to get a higher tier plan. It's not great when you're forced to get the Trader plan for $179 or even the custom one for small bits like that.

  12. I've been following Coin Bureau for quite some time, this channel was my first reference to Crypto and made me decide to jump into it. Now, this video is such a magnificent source of information. God bless.

  13. Crypto just gets worse and worse not only do you get nickel-and-dime on every transaction but now we got to pay $200 to get our tax information so we can pay our CPA another few hundred dollars to actually do our taxes this getting away from Banks taking our money if becoming awfully expensive to me

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  15. From my experience, Koinly messed up many calculations and shown high unrealized capital gains which I 100% KNOW is NOT RIGHT. I'm guessing Koinly considers non-taxable events as taxable events.

  16. I have a Gala node that is not connected to a wallet yet. Is there any software that will get the coin distribution/mining data directly from Gala?

  17. As a total newbie I find your videos invaluable Guy, thanks for sharing your knowledge 🤘Obviously from a total non financial advisor point of view, can you comment on this: Are all transactions/investments taxable regardless of amounts? Hypothetically say someone has a day job that they already pay all their taxes through and decides they want to use some of this income to dabble in the crazy world of Crypto. For arguments sake let’s say said person had a portfolio of £1000 – £1500 across 8 coins/tokens with the intention of Hodling and wanted to top up their portfolio by small amounts (possibly monthly), does all this need to be declared or is there an allowed threshold?
    BTW – asking for a friend

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