New Rule: Crypto Mania! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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  1. Your thinking be dated, Bill. Paper money used to represent gold. People had confidence in gold. Money is based on the majorities confidence in it. What happens when 90 percent of the world goes crypto? That’s when not having crypto will be an impoverishing handicap.

  2. Klepto Currency.

    It was my impression our U.S. Constitution forbids anyone except the Federal Government from issuing currency.

    A recent scam has appeared on the web. When I and others post a comment, a Fake reply appears. In the form of a phone number expressed as emoji icons. It implies you will receive the grand honor of talking to the big-shot web celebrity who posted the video. But the "conversation" quickly reverts to a crooked salesman who steers you to a hot-tip on klepto currency.

    If this thing was legit, why is it necessary to resort to deception to sell it.

    I was directed to a site which had NO means or path to "Contact" them back. In other words, it's like pouring your money into, then yourself stepping into quick-sand.

    The only "escape" being "The Greater Fool Theory". Finding a buyer even stupider, greedier, and more gullible than yourself.

  3. Hmm I kinda agree. I never thought of investing into something I don't understand. But damn, how many ppl got really rich out of this? That makes me think 🤔

  4. What are dollars made and backed by Bill? Most of them in existence are PURELY digital…
    The problem is – you don't own your dollars.
    That's the problem crypto solves – one of them.

  5. Well this didn't age well. Since crypto was tethered to the us dollar. it should be experiencing highs but the original stim investors bailed out and haven't dumped their coins yet. Thank god I never did invest at the high last year, inflation and other factors have dropped the prices 30% or so lately, probably a good time to invest in some right now but like any of these investments they are short term high risk 10% returns.

    if you want to be rich innovate with software and get educated as a scientist or work for nasa

  6. Yeah bill is right. It’s really important for a currency to be tied to something of value. Like Ford building cars and Kraft making “food”. And The dollar being tied to….. gold .. oh wait. Never mind. 😅

  7. Crypto-mining is just wealth transfer and is worse for the environment than burning coal and oil while doing that. If everybody wanted what they dreamed of having, we'd turn the entire planet into a big ball of mining rigs and disk space with nothing else to consume except owning imaginary value.

  8. Nice video with good info, It is really helpful to us traders, Investing on crypto is the best and fastest way of making money, but only
    few understood the secret of crypto.

  9. Bill, you're oversimplifying. The only cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. All the others are alt-coins. They all do different things. Some are improvements on previous versions, some push forward with different technology, some (well, one) are jokes turned real, some piggyback on others, some are more energy efficient/green, some make you anonymous, some deal with the meta-verse…

    For a millionaire, you're stupid on this.

  10. He doesn’t understand crypto. If he did he would be all for it because decentralized computing power and consensus is good for the little people and Bill advocates for the little people.

  11. Bill- I never fail to be amused, learn something or reenforce a belief watching your show. Please don’t die or go away. At least not until I do. Love ya.

  12. What Maher is describing is our current monetary system. At least the people mining crypto get paid for it. When the Fed prints more money, everyone loses.

  13. Who knows how much energy Bitcoin takes? It's not real….they can SAY whatever they like….there is ZERO proof about anything about it. How do you know it was "mined"??

  14. The gold standard was completely replaced by fiat money, a term to describe currency that is used because of a government's order, or fiat, that the currency must be accepted as a means of payment.

  15. All of the people who buy into this blatant Fraud scheme have no room to bitch or complain when the next market crash comes around.
    You have been selling something that doesn't exist and doesn't have any kind of actual real world value to anyone, other than the next rube looking for the next get rich quick scheme.

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