Martingale Strategy Forex. Does martingale strategy work? Martingale strategy crypto. Bitcoin XRP

Martingale Strategy Forex. Does martingale strategy work? Martingale strategy crypto. Bitcoin XRP Enter the Private Crypto Club …


  1. my bro both examples you showed at the beginning are not martingale, please study the the positions and the account before you analyze!!! especially the 15million account, the lot sizes are not increased by martingale methods… even the space between positions are different from one position to another… i cant upload a screenshot to show you but if you want.
    positions examples :
    1- 30 lots @ 1.10069
    2- 34 lots @ 1.10231 this must be 60 lots in case it was martingale EA!!
    3- 38 lots @ 1.10384 as you see, same here the lot size and the distance between the positions are random and not fixed in percentage.
    4- 42 lots @ 1.10548 same situation.
    by the way martingale strategy is the best strategy in the market but the knowledge and skills how to apply it is the secret . knowing this one small details will set this difference between winning or losing trade… good luck all
    any way thnx bro for your nice video 🍺🍺

  2. who ever puts a stop loss, he puts an end for his account… there are too many ways to protect your account without stop loss… do you know that the market makers knows where are your and others stop loss? so don't surprise when a long slippage triggers your stop lose.

  3. These examples are averaging down. not martingale, martingale take opposite trade with double the position size to recover initial loss in that case all of those could have been a winner

  4. Oh My GOd the first lot is 30. Its huge lot for martingle. I alao use martingle bot syatem. But it always start from 0.01 lot. And the big lot ever in 6 month is 0.27 wihch is less than 1 Lot.
    I think martingle is all about money management.

  5. I did the same exact mistake with eurusd at this same trend positions without stoplosses too But thank god i had a v small account , and I left it open and added some additional small money to save it from blowing up and it pulled back and I got back 75% of my equity !

  6. Great tutorials Yuri thanks. Just one question, do you use any tools to help you find key levels or is it just by looking through the higher timeframe charts?

  7. Dude, you are sharing people's names, pictures, phone numbers, and even worse, you are sharing their username and password!!!!!?!!?!?!?!!?! WTF!? That guy, Mohammad Baraqouni's id and password are there in this video. I suggest you take down this video and upload another one with these information masked.

  8. Yuri, if she holds a few more month it will come back, just don't open sells anymore and would anyone put some much money at risk like that? Insane, I think. It's better to just donate it to a good cause

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