Libra/Diem – Zuckerberg's Failed Dystopian Cryptocurrency

Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra rides the decentralization bandwagon when in reality it might become the ultimate step towards …


  1. Thing is, I really love idea of Blockchain currency or any decentralised solution. But government being able to collect taxes is just as important, you might not like where some of the money goes, but it's overall it's net positive. This ofc doesn't apply in every country, but it's failure of government not taxes.
    But open record is both good and bad thing, it would mean great transparency for companies and governments, but at the same time companies would just openly know all your buying habits and where you buy. Basically it would potentially eliminate tax evasion and all kind of shady stuff.
    Libra on other hand is totally bad thing, it would mean top tech companies and otherwise have access to all your buying habits, but without any transparency going other way.

    Honestly I think best option would be that all banks go non-profit and will only handle transactions, holding, lending money and ofc investigating possible fraud and stuff. This way transparency would be increased, incentive for corruption decreased and privacy would be preserved. It also wouldn't cost obscene amount of processing power to calculate Blockchain. After all, money is just medium of exchange, I don't think it's right to profit from such an such basic thing.

  2. They are desperate to control the genie that has escaped from the bottle. They know this is the beginning of their end and they are desperate to retain control over humanity

    literally the best crypto for privacy
    Now, imagine if instead they just added monero implementation directly to their site?! :O

  4. There is a lot of things about this that is still shrouded in mystery. And we're just making the most malevolent assumptions and conclusions.

  5. Is there anything that people blacklisted as they did with the wannacry dudes can do to still spent their currencies? like mixing or personal trading (but smarter solution)

  6. Remember when businesses spent tens of thousands of dollars gaining followers to see their posts and then FB suddenly quit showing their posts to followers without the businesses paying for the views.

  7. they only changed the way of control..on a plasmic level thry observe EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING..its E.T. tech they received for xchange of end the dark times…of course the sick and rich will invest first and have the most rights and will be part of the secret controlgroup..why do tou think trump opened pandoras box slowly by making public the secret space mil boys and what about their weaponry and interests on other planets and moons?! soon politics and tax will not exsist will be xchangecurrency in credits not any weird new coin or online currency..
    it will cgange very very soon

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