Bitcoin (BTC) Price to Plunge More Before Final Capitulation

The last seven days have been tough on the crypto market due to several macroeconomic factors that caused a plunge in several assets. Bitcoin has lost over 11% in its price after being negatively impacted by the CPI data. However, the bloodbath is not ending soon as the on-chain ratio of the short-to-long-term realized value (SLRV) now indicates a silent phase before a bearish storm.

The Bitcoin Accumulation Zone

Bitcoin’s price action mainly depends on the movements of its long-term holders, as they are solely responsible for creating volatility in the price chart. To check Bitcoin’s supply move, the SLRV ratio tool is used to measure the movement ratio between short-term and long-term holders to determine the future price developments of Bitcoin. 

Invented by Capriole Investments, a cryptocurrency investment fund, this tool identifies the nature of the crypto market by utilizing the risk-on and risk-off allocations to Bitcoin. The SLRV ratio measures the percentage of Bitcoin moved in the last 24 hours with respect to the percentage moved during the previous six to twelve months by long-term holders. 

According to on-chain data provider, Glassnode, the SLRV ratio of Bitcoin is currently in the pink zone, and the crypto king ventured into the area in June when its price touched the bottom at $17,600. The SLRV ratio is below 0.04, hinting at a historical accumulation phase before kicking off a bearish trend.

Preparing For A Downtrend 

Digging further, it can be witnessed that Bitcoin previously went into the pink zone before joining a bull run, a pattern seen in 2018, 2015, and 2012. Therefore, it can be concluded that Bitcoin is going to follow the same historical pattern before driving its price upward by the beginning of 2023. The SLRV data suggests that Bitcoin will dive deep into the pink zone, resulting in more decline in its current price of $19,140 before making a bullish reversal. 

To eliminate some issues related to the SLRV ratio, Capriole Investments introduced SLRV ribbons which utilize the short-term and long-term MA (moving averages) to the SLRV ratio to determine the transition of Bitcoin’s price movement.

The SLRV ribbons show that Bitcoin is now in a predominantly risk-off state after China’s ban on bitcoin mining. The SLRV MA-150 has been downtrend since bitcoin entered the pink zone, indicating a bearish rally and no signs of any reversal by the end of 2022. 

The Net Unrealized Profit/Loss (NUPL) ratio of Bitcoin has also been trading downward due to low profits during the crypto winter. 

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