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  1. what you think of "Rise Of Nebula (RON) is an untraceable Token sold on pancake can only buy 3bi every 5 Minutes and the

    "MetaCash (META)"? they're cheap.

  2. भाई साहब आपके बोलने से सब लोग बेवकूफ़ बन रहे हैं क्यों कि SAITAMA के बारे में भी आप ऐसा ही बोला करते तव परन्तु हुआ क्या कि जो 20,000 रूपए लगाए थे वो केवल 5000 रह गए हैं और अब बेडा गरेको है! आप पहले बहुत वीडियो बनाया करते थे SAITAMA पर परन्तु सबका बेवकूफ़ बनाया लुभावणी वीडियो बना बना कर और अब बस हो गयी बस! इसलिए कम से कम सच बोल लिया कर मेरे भाई!😡😡😡

  3. Good suggestion. But I already have a good income! Because I mine Crypton private crypto coin in Utopia p2p ecosystem on very profitable terms.

  4. I’m buying AMZSR3 on sale, waiting for BTC to maybe drop again before I add more. Hope to take some Eth profits by Sept proof of stake

  5. We have been on a recession since the beginning of 2022, but big media and governments all over the world didn’t want to admit it. We need to be wise and use our brains. Knowledge is power and I’d like all the family to be powerful! Just purchased some AMZSR3 Thanks for keeping us informed during this times of doubt?

  6. I’ve been under since day one, (April 2021). When BTC was supposed to go to $100k, It didn’t. I’ve been buying and hodling AMZSR3 and i know my patience will pay off .

  7. I'm DCAing in AMZSR3 as well. ETH heavier DCA and ALGO. I'm taking your advice and starting Google tomorrow with a 50 dollar purchase and continuing Microsoft and Apple. VTI and VOO on another app and longterm portfolio. Here we go family!

  8. New week up as many FOMO in. But the AMZSR3 story isn’t over yet. The only strat that works under all circumstances is DCA all the time with solid, large companies (not hyped ones).

  9. The inflation is real We are far very from the bottom, But we also need to talk about Amazons AMZSR3 as a gamechanger where we can avoid most of the losses. This is not a joke guys, this is the only chance this year gives!

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