URGENT! Crypto & Stocks On Verge Of Collapse?

Are crypto and stocks getting ready for the next leg down? [Crypto News] BYBIT 30% OFF & $4450 BONUS …


  1. this story is several weeks/months old, but i am glad western media is finally picking it up… June profits for biggest steel mills in China are down 80%, just to confirm the crap flowing in RE development sector.

  2. Do not worry about China as it doesn't operate like the West as the Chinese government intervenes. At the moment they are knocking down buildings that were built by construction companies that went into administration/bankruptcy/liquidation, or buildings that have just stood dormant. People who have lost money are just suppressed and the rest of the Chinese population continues to buy property.

  3. Im 2/3 capital deployed – 1/3 on the sidelines. I hope for much more downside so the rest of my limits hit but mostly for everyone else to get their buys. If im 100% deployed by 15k and BTC dips to 6k, Im not gonna cry about it. Ill be happy that the average family of 4 who've been trying to get to 1 BTC will be able to get there!

  4. Energy company making massive profits…millions of people struggling to pay their bills. How disgusting that these two events can be happening in parallel!

  5. Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock on its way, peacetime rally could very soon be in play ….🌿 ….🕊

    2023 Litecoin halving closer each second as MWEB goes live ⚡️

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  7. Since we're talking about inflation, how come gold and precious metals, real estate, crypto, and basically all other commodities are falling down? Shouldn't it be the other way around? If cash loses value, gold should go up! But it doesn't! It makes no sense! This is evidence that this "crisis" is artificial and is being carefully controlled and manipulated.

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