The NEW Crypto is SO Good! – Apex Legends Season 12

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  1. Hi, i was the pathfinder in the ”other demon team” and yes immediately when we died both me and my friend just said in unison “ye they are 3 stacking XD. Apparently not I guess haha. I’ll get you next time rich 😉

  2. It'd be really nice if he had multiple drones, and can throw them both, and also switch between screens(or at least split screen for both drone views)

  3. If you need cryptos drone to be more than20 meters you’re just not good with Crypto period. If you want more than 20m go to manual mode that’s what it’s for. The auto 20m mode is for short range actions and he’s PERFECT for short range wall peeks when fighting

  4. I think it’d be cool if the drone flew as far as Mirage’s decoys would run with the same aim mechanic as Mirage’s tactical. The short distance is just barely enough to balance his pick rate.

  5. I love how at 5:39 you skip the 200 light rounds in one box and pick up the one single bullet in another. I understand the struggle because I have ADHD as well, Brother Rich. 😅

  6. Gona have to be checky here and dislike. You are my fave content creator by far, you're just brilliant to watch, your quirky english nerdy humour is fantastic but i disagree with you with your opinion on the shotgun discussion. Eva 8 is fantastic close range if you have good hipfire reflexes you can do enemies dirty! Mastiff always lets me down 🙁
    Keep up the great work 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  7. 14:00 i found 4 batteries in one location but then i couldnt find ANY for the rest of the game. also i managed to find hammerpoints once. i never found them again out of the 6 or 7 games i played

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