How to AVOID Crypto Taxes – 4 Legal Examples (Beginner to Advanced)

Everyone loves to pay taxes, especially on their crypto gains… but in this video we teach you ways to reduce that tax bill legally!


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  3. Thanks! What about rewards from yield farming and liquidity pool providing? Same treatment as staking rewards? If the IRS agrees that staking rewards are property and not taxable until sold, will this just apply to staking or also to yield farming and liquidity pool providing?

  4. Evading: What politicians and mob bosses do.
    Avoiding: What rich non-politicians do, as much as humanly possible.
    The gooberment produces nothing, and takes more than half.

  5. please ask your CPA and not listen to this guy about taxes. He is wrong on so many of level. We did not take a 4 days exam for no reason.

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  8. When the government draws up a new budget for the year they do not take them from taxes received from the people. They take a "loan" from the Federal Reserve. Same for state and local budgets. The federal Reserve doesn't actually have the money they just type it into their computer ledgers and send the American government a bill. Our tax dollars go to those people who own the Federal Reserve. Its dividends for them. They divide up our ends, which is why many Americans can't make ends meet.

  9. What about your mining rigs? Can you deduct that cost from the crypto you mine?? So if my rigs cost 15,000 and I mine $15,000 in ETH and sell it then I have no gains or income?

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