Bitcoin and Terra Luna BLOODBATH!! Cardano ADA, Avalanche AVAX Crypto News

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  2. I believe first thing to do is Don kwon need to step down. Secondly the UST can remove from terra. Thirdly, anchor protocol can shut down. Back to the the basic of terra, pick up from there. But the damage is too huge.. it’s gonna be at least 5 years to repair

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  4. ya… I've watched this video a few times and this is an unprofessional take on a product they have praised often in the recent past. unfollowing this channel

  5. where is the link to the video about how luna is marked to fail? It's one thing to report the 'news' of a blood bath- it's another to blame the victim saying of course this was going to happen and they deserve it. but your right about one thing a failure like this is going to damage the market as a whole

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  8. Guys, I appreciate you but it really just sounds like y’all lost a shit ton of money and are salty AF about it.

    Nobody intentionally fails, but everyone does. Easy for me to say considering I didn’t own Luna i guess, but your bitter response makes it hard to lend you guys much credibility. Shame you are so quick to turn and bite after singing Lunas praises for so long.

    Makes a person wanna think twice about future projects you support.

  9. After your recommendation of this company and many people losing thousands or millions of dollars on this company, perhaps you should Fall on the Sword, Take ownership for your lack of due diligence. Instead of berating the owner of this company, perhaps you should take time to apologise to your viewers for your lack of guidance. It's very easy to take credit when you help people make money but greater fortitude to admit you were wrong. If anyone loses credibility it is you. Now go upstairs to your room and think about what you've done.

  10. It's really bad to hear this guy wishing UST goes to zero after months and months of promoting Luna/UST to their viewers and making them invest thousands of dollars…

  11. The unfortunate thing for those in the game will have to wait for any significant growth now, even more so because this will scare off anyone from dipping their toes into crypto and anyone who was thinking about it. It also supports the na sayers and FUD, again supporting the theory that crypto is a ponze scheme or out right scam.
    There is a very very long road ahead for those still in.

  12. Do you really think that lunas plunge was a planned design? To drop over 90% from it's all time high a month ago? This was their intent? This is how you come across. It's tacky and if this is your insite you should find a new career. Anybody can pyle on when a person is down. very unprofessional.

  13. The leadership of Terra may deserve this, but the holders of Luna (I'm one) lost tens of thousands of dollars in a few hours, and we certainly did not deserve this.

  14. For context, none of us have created a top 10 stablecoin with a complementary top 10 utility coin. This is called innovation. Give them a break. Either way, thanks for the rest of your videos, normally super informative and not so opinionated. Cheers

  15. would you look into lockpay, first genuine anti dumping adm and it works look at poocoin are charts are healthy and growing. the reason its impossible for it to be dumped is because any holder can only sell 1%-5% a day depending on the market. i would very much appreciate this. because this is truly revolutionary the fact bitcoin can crash and it has no affect on us. and im sure were going to see many copy cats of this mechanism

  16. It feels like you had a big investment in Luna and you lost money. You spread a lot of hate but did not explain the reasons. You said Do Kwon was so irresponsible.
    Could you please explain your reasons? Otherwise people will lose their trust towards you Maddy.
    Always trusted altcoin buzz but this video feels like you are leaning towards one extreme rather than sitting in the middle 🤔

  17. Terra did not desrve this.

    This was the result of market manipulation and YouTubers such as yourself pumping it to their viewers.

  18. Wow someone is bitter. All those greedy people never looked into how Anchor was able to sustain 19.5%, like the old adage goes "if it's too good to be true, it probably is." but they were blinded by greed. Just stick with Bitcoin, everything else is shit.

  19. I don't care about the market being red. It's going to literally pay Everyone needs to stop being so scared. We DYOR. I appreciate this channel you guys are great.

  20. Don’t be so quick to judge ☝️ Failure is part of a process of success. It is only when you give up, that failure has overcome you. “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” – 💡

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