Best Crypto Scalping Strategy for the 5 Min Time Frame – How I Made 2000% A DAY

Best Crypto Scalping Strategy for the 5 Min Time Frame. welcome back to another tutorial vidoe, in this video, I am going to show …


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  2. Hi Crypto Giant… Thank you for the video… It's amazing. Risky, but amazing strategy. My problem with it, it's complicated for me to find a best way to enter when I'm live on the chart. Where must we enter in the trade?

  3. Love the video and good strategy, similar to 'Joel on Crypto' strategy, however he uses order book confirmation. Has loads of live trading videos would recommend anyone to check him out.

  4. Hello, i would like to research more about the Indicators and the MCAD. Why we have to wait for a green MCAD on a short position? Dont get the point and would like to understand it…

  5. How are you coming up with these exit points? This would be easier to understand if you could show us on a live chart, with live accounts and trades.

  6. it’s compulsory learn how to make weekly earnings on cryptocurrency and metaverse stocks through her strategy when you contact her. I was profiting daily from other tiny coins cheap that went up twice the price within awhile. I really appreciate the effort of Hana Misak who made it happen.

  7. This is somehow confusing or I'm missing something. For a long trade you will be looking for a long green for entry after long red. Your entry started at the open of long green. How would you look for it when in realtime, the candle just started and isn't that long yet. You'll miss it.

  8. I'm new to cryptocurrency and I don't understand how it really works. Can someone guide me on the right approach to investing and making good profit from cryptocurrency investment?

  9. He shows buy entrys at the bottom end of candles but on live trading your entry will be at the top of a candle! And with heikin ashi it will be a lot higher then normally. So its not the right win rate

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