VeChain Empowers Attwood Import Export to Introduce The Attwood Blockchain Sticker

Attwood Import Export, a company based in Combodia and famous as the largest distributor of liquor, has annunciated that it is going to implement a new kind of security sticker to ensure quality. VeChain will be its partner in this new project and the sticker will be built using the public VeChainThor blockchain. The much hyped and unique sticker is named as the ‘Attwood Blockchain Sticker’ with ABS abbreviation. The announcement was made in the launch ceremoney which held on 27th of last month and covered by various local news agencies.

Attwood Import Export is a renowned company in Combodia with a service time spanning to thirty years now. It has enjoyed a monoply for years in imports and distribution of varous popular brands such as Champagne, Corona beer, Chandon Sparkling, Terrazas, and Johnie Walker.

A Step Towards Digital Future

Stating the importance of this announcement for the digital future, Mr. Tan Se Chhay (CEO of Attwood) said that being a top import and ditribution company, Attwood has always tried to connect consumers and brands together. The collaboration with VeChain will enable Attwood to ensure greater transparency and quality.

With the use of Attwood Blockchain Stickers (ABS), the leading distribution company would be in a position to its services in the liquor and beverage markets. Furthermore it will help it to become more transparent and reduce the chances of copyrights violation to none within its jurisdiction. It will help it to keep a public accessible trail of its products.

Because the data will be stored on a public blockchain (VeChain), the company’s customers will be able to quickly and easily verify the authenticity and origin of the products they purchase by simply scanning the sticker on the product with their mobile devices. From the perspective of the users, it will provide protection against fraudulent activities and the acquisition of illegal copies.

The Significance of VeChain in this Partnership

VeChain was a ready-made choice for this project it is a tested and scalable blockchain solution. VeChainThor’s verstality is attracting larger interest from the industry. With the availability of a wide range of top-notch tools, the VeChainThor blockchain has reserved its place in the market in no time for both the industrial and commercial usage.

VeChainThor is an Enterprise-grade global blockchain that was developed with a specific aim- to eliminate trust gaps between data. This public blockchain has levelled the playing field for everyone so that users can review and analyze the data independently. This convenience has ruled out the necessity of hiring intermediaries to solve conflicts saving lots of energy, resources, and money.   

VeChain authorities have vowed that they will continue the job of development and application of digital solutions for its clients especially the Attwood Import Export. VeChain has been serving numerous clients to transform them according to the market requirements and ready them for tolerance of Byzantine faults. The adoption of blockchain technology has skyrocketed in the past few years and VeChainThor has braced itself for delivering its services to firms and enterprises of different magnitude.