The INSANE Collapse of Terra Luna (Why Bitcoin & Crypto Are Crashing)

How is UST backed? Why is Terra Luna crashing? Let’s discuss the LATEST cryptocurrency news for bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins, …


  1. Scammers/bots are getting much worse!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! 👍

  2. Looks like UST which tried to compete with USDT can hardly be called stablecoin after the devastating collapse. So far, Tether is unstoppable as we can see.

  3. @altcoindaily im from Canada and been trading since 2017 on binance but now its stating due to regulations they can't provide service in my region. If you could give me some insight into this that would be great fully appreciated

  4. Some smart people should figure out who the perpetrators are who manipulated the market. Then hold them accountable in the court of public opinion.

  5. How did this LUNA/UST thing even happen? Isn’t a stable coin designed to be stable? Was there nefarious actors involved? Shouldn’t they be held accountable? Can they be held accountable? I would think they design a stable coin so that it can withstand all kinds of situations. I don’t know the details.

  6. Never got into LUNA. As a miner I'm enjoying just collecting coins and adding to my bags. I'll sell some in the next bull market that will come. I'll actually buy some of the better projects while the prices are down. Not going to get into the risky area of investing. Just measured investments with disposable cash.

  7. Eeehhh, I'll use my lottery ticket money this month and pick up some Luna gambling style.

    If he could pull this off, I'll be pleasantly surprised and the worst case scenario I lose a couple bucks.

  8. It was very obvious that this would happen. Frankly, when NEAR's USN solution came out, I was relieved that they didn't set up a ponzi like UST. We will see NEAR diverge in the coming period.

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