PayPal SECRET Crypto Plan EXPOSED! (EASIEST 2022 Crypto Profit Strategy Revealed)

Today we take a look at the markets and examine the top performing coins in 2021 and how that can give you an easy 2022 …


  1. Here we are today, and crypto is still crashing. Too many people are looking at the trees in the forest when investing. (technical charts) If there is one thing history teaches us, is that markets are as fragile as a baby farting on the bus at the wrong time. Here a war, there a financial statement… anything can shatter the markets. Wanna make money investing? Follow the guy who does it best: Warren Buffet. Invest in LONG TERM VALUE.

  2. I personally will not be buying crypto until about early next year. Just going to stack stable coins and earn good interest until im ready to start stacking crypto again. Personally i think we are in a bear market now after most recent crash. lets say the top was in november and the manipulation cause it not to go any higher then 70k ish, that means the bitcoin cycles are intact.

  3. Tell us, Biscuit Boy, when will ETH hit $40k this time? I remember you were saying before Halloween and you were right the last time with all you predictions. Then you moved to December, then the first quarter of the new year. You lying fraud!

  4. I don't care about these😂..i have a guide few days ago i gave him 750$ with in 6 days he gave me back my investment amount also he is making money in this bear market 😂😂 my 3 months expired date is coming soon maybe 11 days left..problem is he takes 1/2 from my profit🙂though what next time i'll invest more & make moneyy😁😁

  5. Some people will say bitcoin is a hedge against inflation. I think it might be a better indicator of money printing/ Fed policy/economic risk tolerance.

  6. When the sentiment becomes cynical and pessimistic, that’s when people tune off and forget about crypto, however this is the exact time when smart money is moving in… no institution was buying at the peak, only fomoers were buying at the peak and they always lose, get butt hurt and bash.

  7. We don’t need Technical analyst to know wen to buy r sell. Just follow nature Seasonal buy an sell
    Stock seasonal strategy
    The fall = stocks falling down = buy
    The Winter = stocks dead 💀 bottom = buy
    The Spring = stocks rising Going up = sell
    The Summer = stocks tops = sell = take profit an enjoy life

    Stock going up after tax season people has income tax check spending money is up

  8. If you guys take any PREDICTIONS as facts, you need to sell and get a new hobby. If anyone gets rekt bc they trade based on predictions, it's their OWN FAULT. Love Ben, his candor and this channel!

  9. The fed push for interest rates up.. Such a mirage of nothing, as it pertains to the net fallout of the macro.. If you people fall for a "2%" increase in rates and think that is bad for crypto.. Your crazy and the cartels power over your little minds remains in play.. Bond liquidations by "sellers" creates demand of $'s for settlement. Actually puts liquid capital into the liquidity pool that is not so highly correlated to banksters objectives and proprietary trading wheelhouse control. If you sold a $billion of Treasuries and longer dated bonds.. would you sit on that ice cube to catch 2%?.. You might buy back in with hopes that Fed reversed course again… But all that is chicken scratch compared to the asymmetric potential that Bitcoin and quality crypto offers.. We are still in the early phase.. Propositionally, no better place to find meaningful gains and deploy capital in a meaningful and optimistic "for humanity" way.. Have a little stack of silver or something as insurance.. Stonks are fiat garbage and that will eventually play out in the most painful way.. Ba safe

  10. Bear Market is confirmed, Double TOP on BTC and SELL signal on Monthly MACD
    don't be buying on the wrong side of the graph, buying dips all the way DOWN… wait for the Bear Market Support.

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