*NEW* UPDATED CRYPTO GUIDE! (Apex Legends Guide to Playing Crypto) [Reworks & Changes]

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  2. Another tip I use is if I'm not currently using the drone, or my team is just looting I'll hide the drone behind a banner as we're on the move, this allows you to quickly check for enemy teams. When you get to the full range of the drone, just hide it behind a different banner.

    Another comment has said, but remember it detects enemies within 200m of crypto, not the drone, so useful even if you're at the far edge of the drones range.

  3. ATTENTION!!! Your scans count as assists, so if you scan your opponents you will get RP for doing nothing. Because I main Crypto, I can say that when I survive to the top 10 and after, I get lots of RP not from kills but from my scan assists and my EMPs because its damage counts as an assist as well.

  4. One very important tip. After killing a squad and getting an armor swap, check banners immediately! If it says there is a squad in the area be prepared for a third party. They are most definitely coming for you at least in higher teir lobbies.

  5. I still think yhe drone need buff, for example make it so u can move the drone POV, by point a marker or something like that.

    Also he need passive, for god sake, like yhe most common is Crypto wont get scanned by other legend

  6. 4k master crypto: "Still a underwhelming ass buff". Still stuns and hurt himself with emp. No passive. Drone doesnt fly far enough, still in emp range. Drone health reduced. Drone cooldown too long. Can't emp off back. Drone can get blocked by teammates as drone does not phase through teammates when thrown

  7. the only changes needed:
    30m throw distance
    drone faces the ground when thrown straight up
    ult destroys gibby bubble (or halves remaining duration)

  8. I still think he needs a different passive, all those buffs are for his drone and the drone is easier to destroy. as soon as the drone is destroyed he’s nothing. I guess without his drone he can still scan beacons 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. This truly is the buff we needed I left maining crypto to try out others after season 6 & it’s been ok getting others legends stats up & not gonna lie it’s made me stay plat 4 & right now I’m plat 2 thanks to my crypto. Now he just needs the old buff which was no stunning teammates & he’ll be MAD META 💯🙏🏽

  10. I only started playing Apex back in season 8, about halfway through season 8 to be in fact, but I unlocked Crypto in season 9, and since then I’ve played and won more games with Crypto than all other legends combined

    Point is, Crypto is my guy, so imagine my surprise when I’d taken a break from Apex only to receive news that he’d gotten a buff, and not just any buff, but a buff that made Crypto like Bloodhound, but minus the wall hacks

    Oh yeah, I was ECSTATIC, FINALLY Crypto would become much stronger than he already was, and as such, I WOULD BECOME MUCH STRONGER THAN I ALREADY WAS

    Well…that would be the case…if I wasn’t terrible at the game, but that’s life

  11. I'm so happy that he got buffed, I main crypto and have a ton of wins and kills and it's very exciting to see that I can do better plays and not have to leave my team a lot

  12. Crypt need fix
    -after his drone lands he it should be harder to see and hear 20m away if the drone is stationary
    -30sec to recharge drone not 40
    -25dmg emp for self only
    -passive without drone. When scan by passive and tactic it flicks on for .8sec then flicks off .8sec and turns back on .8sec. Dmg scan like fuse, maggie and caustic will flick on .5sec then flick off 1.5sec till he can be dmg scan

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