Most Effective MACD Strategy for Daytrading Crypto, Forex & Stocks (High Winrate Strategy)

In this video, I’m showing you a simple, high win rate MACD indicator strategy The Moving Average Convergence Divergence or …


  1. The Most Fucked Up idea i ever seen line cross please guy before seeing any indicator videos dont start believing them because they are doing only for views on their videos

  2. Hi guys, I'm new to trading and still on demo account but I've been watching oil these past few days and I've noticed that even with indicators, it's still so unpredictable. So I was wondering if anyone in the comments who's got much more experience than I, to give me some advice please if possible? It would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Best thing that happened to me last year that I can attest to is the progress I have made so far on trade. Venturing into trading and investing was my best decision ever I know more is yet to come 2022

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