How To Invest For Teenagers

If you ever wanted to know how to invest as a teenager, this is the video for you. My best investing advice for teenagers.


  1. When it comes to investing, I can confidently say that the crypto/forex market is the best option to make passive income. Despite the the economic downturn, investing in the financial market still remain the best decision I have ever made.

  2. Im sad to say im very under educated in this field because my parents are very against bank accounts, credit cards, and all of that, im 18 and when he said that the most important thing to do was all of those things that i have no clue how to do because my parents dont support it and probably intentionally witheld it from me made me die a little inside. I fear that i may go through life with the bare minumum and end up with absolutely nothing by the end of it

  3. I’m 52 my son told me about bitcoins and crypto currency’s investments company for a year and I finally tried 100 dollars on the company and they doubled my money in February so I invested 1000 in bitcoin and 500 in crypto, my money doubled in in Just 24 hours and I cashed out my payment, this company is real guys you should give it a try and see yourself

  4. I turned 13, and I really wanted to learn finance early. I think that if I learn young, I can have a head start in the future, even if it's not the biggest head start. I personally think that understanding finance young will help me be more successful in the future. In addition, if I study well, go to a good college, keep on exercising daily, build stronger friendships, maintain my happiness, learn finance, I think the future will look very bright for me!

  5. When I got £100 as a Christmas present. I spent it like I didn't feel anything other than happiness…. But then when I got a job, and spending a single £ is so painful. Because you then understand that how much hardwork you put in and how much time you spend to get that single penny.

  6. idk i’m 14 and just wanna be able to buy things i’d like to when i’m older so does anyone have anyone have any advice on how to get into the financial/crypto world for a complete beginner?

  7. I'm at level 13. Right now, I'm studying economy here and there, on some podcasts, youtube videos and books. I'll read eveeything you suggested, thanks. A savings account doesn't seem like the best option. Maybe a bond with the Norvegian state(AAA on Standard&Poor) is better, considering that you'll get composted interest(the key to being rich) and have the highest probability that they'll have the money to pay you back at the end of the bond. Even the US isn't as safe as Norway in bonds. Economy and finance aren't my talents, but I'm getting better at them day by day. Maybe I'm going too fast, but I have an objective for when I'll be at level 25-30.

  8. Investing in stocks is not like putting your money in a savings account that pays little or nothing annualy. Returns will fluctuate from year to year, some times dramatically. return is only an average of some bang up years and some gut wrenching years.

  9. I don’t know where to start or how to because I live in the middle of no where with no sort of transportation it’s overwhelming asf

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