Crypto Arabs becomes first NFT Project to trend Number 1 in the UAE & Kuwait on Twitter 

History is in the making as Crypto Arabs becomes the very first NFT project to take the top spot trending on Twitter in the MENA region.

The newly founded Middle-East based project Crypto Arabs is making headlines with their NFTs and partnership with the cartoon loved by millions – Shaabiat Al Cartoon.

They will be turning the popular Arabic cartoon into an NFT collection for the first time!

Crypto Arabs Receiving Significant media attention

The NFT project received lots of attention last month when they announced big players such as; Sheikh Humaid bin Khalid Al Qasimi and Princess Nejla bint Asem of Jordan as some of the first members of the community. 

Once again, they are turning heads.

On Friday 26th August, 2022 Crypto Arabs was trending number 1 on twitter in the UAE and Kuwait.

Celebrities, influencers and NFT artists  including Sharifa AlBarami, Hamoody Bumby, Angie Gegg, Amrita Sethi, and Georgia Fairweather showed their support for  the project’s success on their social media platforms.

Speaking about this milestone, founder Adi K Mishra says:

The fact that Crypto Arabs is trending on Twitter shows the increasing interest in NFTs and digital assets in the middle east and the rest of the world. NFTs are providing entertainment and media properties around the world with interesting new ways to engage audiences. These digital assets are helping build large communities, both in the real world and the Metaverse around key ideas. We feel Crypto Arabs is one of the most exciting projects in the NFT space right now.”

A community being built

Crypto Arabs is a collection of 9,999 pieces of unique Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) artworks, designed in partnership with beloved Arabic cartoon creation, Shaabiat Al Cartoon.

The project is led by Mohamed Al Banna, CEO of Lead Ventures, Ralf Glabischnig, Founder of Crypto Oasis DMCC and Adi K Mishra, Founder of Karma Innovations.

Project lead Mohamed Al Banna, spoke on their recent success saying :

Crypto Arabs is bringing our community into the future of crypto currency, Web 3.0 and NFT’s, so we are pleased to know that people are engaging in this groundbreaking  conversation on Twitter. A  community is being built here.” 

Crypto Arabs aims to provide value to its members by delivering benefits around their 3 main pillars – Education, Network, and Charity; 

1. Direct access to their founders network in Dubai of: Lead Ventures, Karma Innovations, Crypto Oasis, Dubai Blockchain Center, Sheesha finance and the founders of these organizations.

2. Education around Web 3.0, and NFTs by launching a Learn to Earn initiative. Any holder of Crypto Arabs will get access to leading educational sessions for free.

3. Give back to charity – A percentage of each NFT sold will be given to charity.

Want to be part of the community?

Individuals wanting to be part of the Crypto Arabs community can register on their official website By registering, you will receive exclusive updates about the launch, and how to become a part of the community and take part in these brilliant initiatives!