Coinme adds ETH, DOGE and other cryptocurrencies to Coinstar kiosks

Coinme, a U.S.-based cryptocurrency cash-exchange, has announced the introduction of six new digital assets available for purchase via cash deposits at kiosk stations located across the U.S. following a partnership deal with Coinstar.

Alongside Bitcoin, users will also be granted access to Chainlink, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, and Polygon.

“Different coins serve different purposes, and we’re excited to continue serving our customers with a menu of coins representing approximately 70% of the total crypto market cap,” said Neil Bergquist, CEO and co-founder of Coinme. “Our partnership with Coinstar has allowed us to scale to 10,000 additional physical locations, providing instant cash onramps to crypto, which can be purchased and securely stored in the Coinme wallet or sent to nearly any wallet globally.”

“Customers have asked us to make other coins available besides bitcoin on Coinme-enabled Coinstar kiosks. We want to make it easy for anyone, regardless of their familiarity with crypto, to get started with digital currencies with cash in their local grocery stores,” said Jim Gaherity, CEO of Coinstar.

Coinstar has allowed customers to acquire Bitcoin through its kiosks since 2019 via a partnership with Coinme, a cryptocurrency cash exchange.