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  1. Its bearish because all you and most promoted personalities talk about now is how great it will be when the same old central banker politicians regulate

  2. Hi James – Is it wiser to buy a full stock of Tesla or Google and get the 5 to 1 or 20 to 1 split, or wait to buy the lower cost split stocks individually when made available in July?

  3. For sometime it looks that we are running out of the new losers ….. On the last run to the moon, that losers payed more than 40billions daily in volumes….Today we are in the dead Cat fake bull market with les than 10billions trading volume….Just help that missing losers, and spend your pocket money to save this BTC very energy intensive Ponzi scheme crap…..

  4. You are a gem in the crown of crypto education, James! Love to see you shine as you impart knowledge to your fellow man and devoted followers. Continued success here and in the crypto sphere!
    Question for you: we are heavily invested in crypto, but when we pass on do you think it would be better to cash it in and leave it to our kids or leave it as crypto investment in our will to them? Very interested in your response. Just thinking out loud here.

  5. You mentioned the global wealth disparity, what is your take on if and how would it be possible to drain the wealthy which drained us throughout the years by causing certain events(supply and demand) then offering the solution? Would love to pick your brain on this in the next Q&A, great insights, keep up the good work!

  6. Yes, PLEASE do a video on how to invest in stocks and the companies that are splitting. I have no idea how to and would love to buy those 3 stocks. But do I buy before or after they split? 50 yr Canadian here. 😊

  7. while the prices of everything is going through the roof why is the only prices to be going down is telicoms and internet they have never been cheaper ?

  8. Confessions of an Econimic Hitman describes some reasons for the wealth transfer. Scary. Don't read at night.

    Please Please Please explain the details of how YOU would set up options for stock splits.

  9. You said you would probably exit from Google prior to the 10:1 split. You also said that holding on for the 12 months after a stock split resulted in better returns than the S&P 500. Could you comment on the risks and benefits of these two approaches?

  10. Can you give us more details on how you use synthetic futures? For example, if the current asset price is $100, what calls and puts would you purchase, and what time frame? What are the risks and benefits of a synthetic future vs. owning the asset itself? When would you sell?

  11. Your financial dedication always comes over loud and clear when you try and remember movies! 😂 You clearly waste very little free time on anything but yours and now everyone elses financial freedom. As always amazing work James. 👍🏼👍🏼

  12. James, love your show. Love your compassion for animals and victims of exploitation.
    James, you do not understand inflation!
    You own property, you collect rent. Inflation pays you. Inflation is the reason your property doesn't go down in value, and your rents don't go down. Inflation is necessary under capitalism.
    Give Pomp Podcast 572 a watch. The interview gives a more complete picture of inflation beyond your "It is always bad".

  13. Do you think that we are in a retracement like 2018 where we hit the top in Dec. 2017 and rallied back up to $11000, then went into the bear market? Some say that $69900 was the top and we are in that same retracement before we hit the bear market.

  14. Curious what the impact on Solana and eth when they are classified as securities soon. Can they weather that regulatory storm. Your thoughts on short term and long term impacts?

  15. The Nasdaq had a pretty crappy week and BTC followed. I think the fear is the immediate future isn't very bullish for the markets (inflation, interest rate hikes, ect . . .) and this will drag BTC along with it. I look at it as a buying op.

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