Today let’s talk about Bitcoin dropping below $30000 and the extreme fear right now. Also several big updates to Terra Luna …


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  2. Si no encuentras la forma de multiplicar el dinero, un día te despertarás y te darás cuenta de que el dinero que creías tener se acabó. La inversión es clave.

  3. As of 10.22 E.T. today Luna needs to add another 1.2 Billion to Market Cap to get ROIX2.Spell only needs to add 124 Million for the same Return if you buy now Spell much better buy for Return..Learn Market Caps people!

  4. The name for the chart fear index in wrong, since now like the video says fear right now is very high therefore since it is a fear chat chart it should indicate a high number like over 90, but instead it's 9 which is a small number technically this would indicate low fear, but it is not low fear the number are backwards, when fear is low the fear index goes up in value. The way it is labeled it should be called the confidence index since now confidence is very low and the number on the chart are low.

  5. Shiba cant have a 550 trillion circulating supply, if it was all circulating you couldn't institute a burn, you cant just burn tokens other people hold. They are not circulating.

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