Anime Metaverse Acquired by LiquidX, First-In-Market NFT Project Aggregator

LiquidX, a web3 venture capital studio for the metaverse, has taken a 70 percent controlling stake in Anime Metaverse, a publishing and licensing company focused on building anime, manga, and dorama in web3.

Kendrick Wong, Co-Founder and Chairman of LiquidX, said, “The acquisition of Anime Metaverse is significant for both LiquidX and the broader web3 industry, especially against the current economic climate. It is a conduit for anime into web3, providing the infrastructure for the entry and exploration of an ever-growing industry through its proprietary anime marketplace.”

“The metaverse is still in its infancy. LiquidX believes that merging the decentralised content creation model of web2 social media platforms with web3 virtual reality is key to the growth and mass adoption of a viable metaverse. In the coming months, we will be federating the most important anime intellectual property through our banner, facilitating their access to web3 and expanding their possibilities.” Wong continued.

The founders and entire team of Anime Metaverse will stay on in their respective roles. Through the acquisition, Anime Metaverse can tap into the in-house resources of LiquidX, a team of over sixty web3 creators, metaverse and gaming developers, tokenomics experts, and artists. Additionally, Anime Metaverse can outsource staff functions, including HR, legal, and finance to LiquidX, allowing its existing employees to focus 100 percent of their time on the operational execution of their vision.

Rob Pereyda, who most recently led Netflix’s anime division following leadership stints at Bandai Namco, Crunchyroll, and Viz Media, will join LiquidX’s advisory board to lend his significant experience in anime gaming and manga to Anime Metaverse. LiquidX’s growing team of veterans also includes former executives from Blizzard Entertainment, Garena, Ubisoft, and more.

Anime Metaverse currently has over 25,000 active community members, 158,600 Twitter followers, and a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection of 5,000 unique 3D Anime Pictures-For-Proof (PFPs), each with different attributes and rarity levels. The project will remain focused on community-led initiatives and social interactions that will enable the creation of next generational Intellectual Properties (IPs).

Lily Lim, Founder of Anime Metaverse, said, “Community-building remains at the core of Anime Metaverse, and our members will continue to be our first point of contact when it comes to decision-making; from game design and mechanics, to new partnerships.”

“LiquidX’s unique partnership model allows Anime Metaverse to retain the autonomy of a founder but access the resources of an established enterprise. The floor price of our first NFT collection is charting 25 percent higher than the mint price during launch three months ago, significantly outperforming peer groups and other large projects in the space,” Lim continued.

The acquisition of Anime Metaverse will enable LiquidX to invest, acquire, and license Anime IP at scale. In addition, through collaboration with external creators and companies, LiquidX will support developers in building, launching, and tokenising their NFT characters through Anime Metaverse.

Anime Metaverse and LiquidX are in the process of closing a joint transaction in the anime IP property industry to grow the brand further. More details will be announced in Q4 2022.

Backed by the world’s first NFT project aggregator

LiquidX manages over US$50 million in funds across five fiat pools (EUR, USD, SGD, MYR, NZD) and three different cryptocurrency pools (USDC, Bitcoin, Ethereum).

It is the first-in-market venture capital studio to take a direct execution position in its portfolio companies, with entire departments and flows managed by LiquidX’s in-house teams. With a particular emphasis on treasury management and tokenomics, LiquidX’s investment thesis focuses on infrastructure, IP-building, and GameFi space companies.

Kendrick Wong, Co-Founder and Chairman of LiquidX, said, “LiquidX goes beyond game development to oversee end-to-end web3 development. Our project funnel starts from an M&A engine, where we acquire majority stakes in companies and then develop both the IP and service alongside the original teams that built them. Beyond capital investment and accelerators, nascent but groundbreaking web3 projects often lack the executional prowess to reach their full potential. LiquidX’s model goes beyond taking a majority stake in high-potential NFT projects to operationalise and accelerate product roadmaps in both speed and quality until the results are ready to be launched with their full suite of promised metaverse and web3 capabilities.”

“In short, we collaborate with founders to remove their administrative burdens and let them focus on what they do best – growing their brand,” Wong concluded.

About Anime Metaverse
Anime Metaverse is a publishing and licensing company focused on building anime, manga & dorama in web3. Its vision is to become the world’s largest decentralised shōnen jump – evolving a community-driven project to build a truly social metaverse.
Through partnerships and collaborations with established and emerging brands, series, and collections, Anime Metaverse aims to federate the most important anime intellectual property under its banner to facilitate access and expand their exposure and possibilities in the web3 era.
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About LiquidX
LiquidX is a web3 venture capital studio for the metaverse. The world’s first NFT projects aggregator, LiquidX goes beyond capital investments to take a direct role in building sustainable blockchain infrastructure for the entire NFT ecosystem to accelerate its evolution into an asset class.
Backed by a team of web2 pioneers that developed a generation of startup unicorns and some of Southeast Asia’s earliest blockchain adopters and veterans, LiquidX functions as an active investor, acquirer, and operator, helping family offices and private equity funds diversify into web3.
LiquidX specialises in creating long-term value for NFT holders by building unique gaming and community experiences. By combining superior graphics and storylines with top-notch blockchain technologies, tokenomics, and treasury management, LiquidX aims to enable NFT holders to become the first mass adopters of the metaverse.
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