Why Is This Crypto Billionaire Twerking? Feat. Richard Heart

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  1. I was in marketing some years ago… crazy weird advertisement seem to me had a higher percentage that remembered more of the AD…

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  6. I gotta say Rich doesn't dress like a clown just because it's not your style doesn't mean its clownish, many people in my world would say you crypto dudes are corny and have 0 swagg aka "no seasoning"

  7. PS- Yooo why you like these scammers post? I think you didn't read their whole post cuz the 1st part looked like he was actually complimenting you, but it was just universal, cuz then he was talking about some trader that got him 24 btc bla bla bla…..

  8. Bro I have a great idea 💡 what if all you HEXICAN influencer's should all do clips of yourselves Twerking to go along with Richard?!! We can even make it a twerking competition 🤪

  9. More "quality" marketing, who the hell is advising him…. yes he can do what he likes, but I can't see anything positive here. I've never seen Bitboy twerk…. fortunately

  10. Everytime I accidentally see him twerk from twitter memes its disturbing, I LOVE twerking but only females should do it, its just wrong when a guy does it lol smfh

  11. Good video. Nice to have a some positivity and reassurance 👍. Do you have an estimate of hex in the next bullrun ?

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