GREATEST ALTCOIN Comeback In History!!

In your nightly crypto news wrap up, we bring you the top crypto stories. Inflation and consumer demand boosted retail spending …


  1. Another idiot investor recommending other people inflate HIS investment..
    Get lost kid. All pf that SHIAT is NOT money. Its a fluctuating people needle. Up and down in a matter of days… Go put your money on red 10 in Vegas. You'll get the same return on your investments…
    We have a nutty politician pushing cripto as a national currency in Canada. Poilievre is his name And like every moron pushing cripto as a base for a National currency. HE is heavily invested in that scam.. Its ALWAYS people looking to see THEIR portfolio go up pushing this highly volatile lunacy..
    Like Elon and Dogecoin.

  2. Luna was a federal controlled collapse in order to bring on cbdc regulation, remember crypto's are manipulated by the ones who control the money supply….

  3. Nah, no altcoin gambling for now untill the situation stabilizes (which it still doesn't). Hope things get better, but for now I'm only gonna accumulate usdt to swap it to btc when the time is right

  4. I'm placing my bets on a good recovery for LUNA. You'll never know, it once had a market cap of $60,- billion and now its 1 billion with its remaining popularity? Sounds like the easiest bet of my life but thats just my opinion.

  5. I'm not so sure it will fully recover tbh. Most people will turn their faces from LUNA. I was lucky not to invest in it and to use USDT instead of UST, I was thinking about it.

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  7. Does anyone here know where I can trade my bitcoins? I have no experience on how to trade and I hear people are making good money with Bitcoin trading

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